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MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR Software is a fully integrated EHR for Behavioral Healthcare designed to increase efficiency & enhance patient Care.

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Faster Documentation

MEDSYS2 Substance Use Disorder Software organizes every aspect of your patient encounters. From intake, charting, scheduling and billing. The MEDSYS2 will ensure that the documentation is compliant and timely with State guidelines.

Nationally Recognized SUD/BH Assessment Tools

GAIN-SS, TAP, ASAM-PPC2R, Major Depression Screener, Withdrawal Management, Behavioral Health Assessment Tools with Treatment Protocols

Who Uses MEDSYS2 Substance Use Disorder Software?

MEDSYS2 is used by State and County Agencies, Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts, Veterans IOP/OP Treatment Centers, Veterans Housing Organizations, and Recovery Housing Firms.

Compliance and Security

MEDSYS2 is HIPAA Compliant, and we work hard to keep your practice compliant with federal, and insurance requirements, and utilizes the best practices in the mental health industry. All data is secured and encrypted.

Ken Brown President/CEO

MEDSYS2 is already recognized as a leading Home Health Care System. And now its Behavioral Health/ Substance Abuse System has gained favor by State Agencies and County Governments in the management of information related to the Opioid Use epidemic.

We believe the future of Substance Use Disorder treatment will take place in the patient's home. MEDSYS2 is uniquely positioned to address the needs of this clientiele

Imagine Treatment

 Use Your Own Documents or Any of the Assessment Tools Provided

Our notes are designed specifically for psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, and therapists based on exhaustive research to satisfy the requirements of your State's guidelines for documentation for Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorder, and Psychological Rehabilitation case loads.

Form-based note templates are available for treatment plans, progress notes, psychological evaluations, and more, so you can complete and organize your notes in a breeze.

The MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR Software auto populates the forms with client demographic information, diagnosis codes, medications, etc. to reduce redundant data entry.

Forms manager with Intake Document

woman standing in center of group therapy meeting

Facilitate Group Notes

 Maintain Attendance Records and Easily Capture Individual Contribution

Whether you are conducting a three (3) person Skills Development meeting or a fifteen (15) person Intensive Outpatient Program, IOP meeting for substance use disorder it's important to succinctly document the encounter.  That includes meeting date, duration, purpose and attendees.  Accurate attendance records can be an important issue especially if one or more of your clients are subject to parole and/or probation jeopardy.

MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR Software allows you to incorporate the 12 Step IOP Matrix Model treatment protocol for substance abuse.  The systems manages the 9 to 36 week meeting objectives and allows your counselors to focus on getting the response and results from the clients.

IOP Matrix Model

 Complete Your Group Meeting Notes Using the IOP Matrix Model with the Session Handouts by SAMHSA

The Matrix Model is a comprehensive, multi-format program that covers six key clinical areas
  • Individual/conjoint therapy
  • Early recovery
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family education
  • Social support
  • Urine testing
It's an integrated therapeutic model incorporating
  • Cognitive behavioral
  • Motivational enhancement
  • Couples and family therapy
  • Individual supportive/expressive psychotherapy and psychoeducation
  • Twelve Step facilitation
  • Group therapy and social support
This screen illustrates how the IOP Matrix Model can be integrated into the group meeting notes

VA/DoD SUD Protocol

 Integrated VA/DoD Substance Use Disorder Treatment Protocol

The Veteran's Administration and the Department of Defense have spent billions of dollars in research to develop Practice Guidelines for the Management of Substance Use Disorder. However, no other system has deployed an integrated tool to implement these Practice Guidelines until MEDSYS2.

The Process Flow System presents information in an easy to understand format as designed by the VA/DoD, but then it allows the user to click on various components within the diagram to generate the appropriate clinical documentation, assessment tools and tests to determine the client's severity of addiction and treatment plan.

Screen showing Urinalysis Results

Integrated Toxicology Screening Results

 Conducting Urinalysis Tests Twice a Week Results in Paperwork Overflow

A toxicology screen is a test that determines the approximate amount and type of legal or illegal drugs that you’ve taken. It may be used to screen for drug abuse, to monitor a substance abuse problem, or to evaluate drug intoxication or overdose.

Toxicology screening can be done fairly quickly. The test is most often done using a urine or blood sample. In some cases, a sample of saliva or hair may be used. The results can show the presence of one specific drug or a variety of drugs at once. Further testing may be needed to determine the exact amount of a particular drug in the body and to confirm the results.

MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR Software integrates directly with various Labs to receive the toxicology screening results directly into the patient's chart.

Client Icon

Client Focused

How to Tailor the System and Not Pay

The MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR  allows you to maximize your agency's ability to serve your patients with the best care while maintaining high profitability as a business.  The system provides for easy customization of assessments to allow the final report to reflex the patients true condition.

Dollar Icon

Cost Effective

Increasing Cash Flow from Improved Billing

Improve your cash flow by tracking unbilled claims. Generate patient statements, superbills, CMS-1500 forms, billing reports, and much more with just a couple of clicks. Reports include a customizable revenue report, patient and insurance aging reports, a write-off report, and more.

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One System to Run Your Entire Business

MEDSYS2 Behavioral Health / Addiction Medicine EHR is a powerful and easy-to-use software systems that empowers your agency with high efficiency and productivity. MEDSYS2 combines the many functions of your agency in one integrated system.

 Practice Management Addiction Medicine EHR Improves Efficiency & Care Delivery

 Efficient Agencies Are Usually Targeted for Buyout

With the increased emphasis on successful outcomes and new care models such as ACOs and patient-centered medical treatment centers, it's not enough to merely have an agency management addiction medicine EHR solution. You need powerful software that's intelligent, collaborative and efficient to help both clinical staff and administrative staff maximize their time and focus on improving agency operations and care delivery.

The MEDSYS2 behavioral health care/substance abuse software application empowers users to integrate and share clinical, financial and administrative data across widely dispersed geographic regions and settings of care. Our system provides the tools an agency needs to help your clinical and administrative staff complete clinical care documentation and get the information they need quickly and easily. By measuring progress toward completion and automating communication to process stakeholders, MEDSYS2 behavioral health care/substance abuse system strengthens teamwork and improves patient outcomes.

NBC Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly : The Sometimes Dirty Business of Rehab  June 25, 2017

The all-to-common practice of IOP/OP Treatment Centers receiving kickbacks from Toxicology Labs or the Sober Homes conducting patient brokering and requesting payment from Treatment Centers  for clients can be summed up in one word, illegal.

Fee splitting and patient brokering has always been a crime.  But now the authorities are cracking down on substance abuse treatment facilities.

Counseling Session with Therapist touching woman's shoulder


 Progress Note Formats of Substance Use Disorder Available in MEDSYS2

For those "Old Timers " that are thinking What About DAP?

Data Assessment Plan (DAP) was dropped as an approved progress note documentation standard in 2013.  It has since been replaced by the more recent formats such as Situation Intervention Response and Progress (SIRP) , Goal Intervention Response and Plan (GIRP), or the Behavior Intervention, Response and Plan (BIRP).

Of course we also provide the Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan (SOAP) format which is used by all disciplines of health care.

We believe at MEDSYS2 that we should not dictate which documentation standard your agency uses, but rather, allow you to use any or all of the approved standards for documenting your client's progress.

Drug Interaction Check

Prescription Medication Profile  & Drug to Drug Interaction

An important component of the patient health information (PHI) is their medication profile.  Clinicians addressing substance use disorder (SUD) must capture this information accurately.  MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse Software contains a 35,000 plus list of medications and dosages.  It facilitates the clinician in the intake process by allowing the clinician to point-and-click to build the client's medication profile.

A second aspect of the MEDSYS2 medication profile subsystem is to conduct a Drug-to-Drug interaction check.  The system contains a 25 million record database which can identify dangerous drug interactions in less than 5 seconds.  This feature is key to facilities that may be providing Methadone, Suboxone or other treatment medications.

Personnel System

Surveyor's Concerns on HR are the #1 Finding

MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR Software has a fully integrated personnel management system.  There are over 30 items that are monitored with automated alerts to ensure that proper records are maintained.

Because your employees are interfacing with a vulnerable patient population, it is imperative that you know who you are employing and the MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse EHR maintains Sex Offender, Child Abuse, and Criminal History information within the employee file and issues annual review reminders.

Our system also provides for company policy acknowledgements and consent forms which the employee signature is captured and maintained. This feature could mean the very existence of your company should an employee's misconduct result in legal action.

This screens detail important information about the provider / caregiver.

OIG Inpector General List of Excluded Entities Screen

Check OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities

 Verify that your employees are not listed on the OIG LEIE Database in one click 

Did you know that you are required to check each of your employees against the Office of Inspector General's list of Excluded Individuals and Entities every 30 Days?

Failure to exercise this function will not only jeopardize your accreditation, but also your State license to operate as a substance abuse treatment program.  We make it easy for you to remain compliant.

Master Treatment Plan

A Good Comprehensive Treatment Plan Is the Key to Recovery

MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse EHR Treatment Plan is problem focused by ASAM dimension.  The system comes preloaded with over a thousand selectable options for Problems, Goals, Objectives and Interventions and allows you to track up to five problems per dimension or 30 problems overall.

Client Main Screen Showing Demographics information

Evidenced Based Treatment

Beck, GAINS, ASAM are just a few of the Evidence Based Treatment Methodologies 

The MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse Software allows you to utilize multiple evidence-based treatment tools including Beck's Anxiety Scale, Beck's Depression Inventory, ASAM based Chemical Dependency Assessment, GAINS Short Screener, etc.

Integrating evidenced-based treatment protocols into the Substance Abuse EHR allows users to not only document patient encounters but also identify patterns that may lead to successful treatment of substance use disorders (SUD).

In-Home Substance Abuse Treatment

Expanding Market with Higher Success Rates and No Geographical Boundaries

Doctors do it, Nurses do it, and now it's time for Substance Abuse Counselors to do it.  Instead of having to depend on your client to find their way to your IOP/OP Treatment facility or depending on their Recovery or Sober Home to provide transportation to your facility, many of the addiction medicine and substance abuse counselors are travelling to the client's place of residence whether it's at a recovery / sober home or a private residence.

The MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse Software and Addiction Medicine EHR is already configured for data synchronization which means you can take your laptop on the road with no internet service and complete your intakes or encounter notes and then synch the data back to your office when an internet connection is available.  No other substance abuse software system has this feature.

Client Profile Screen captures more that 35 characteristics which describe the client

Outcome Measures Required to Maintain  Accreditation 

Whether your accreditation is by CARF, ACHC or JCAHO 

Does your system support self-designated gender identification?  

Do you track sexual orientation?

Do you know the top 3 substances your clients are addicted to and what was their age at first use, peak use or method of use?

Do you know their employment status? or their housing status?  

Do you know whether your client is currently pregnant?

Do you know if your client utilizes needles in their illicit drug use?  

And most importantly, do you know whether your client successfully completed your treatment program and if not why?  

These are just a few of the items that are included in the Substance Abuse Software's Client Profile for outcome measurements that you will not find in a plain Behavioral Health software package.

Can You Track Recovery Goals?

 Record and Graph Individual Long & Short Term Goals Made Easy 

Goals originate from the treatment plan are further expanded to define the meaning of each demarcation point in the range from 10 to 100%. The MEDSYS2 Addiction Medicine EHR allows the counselors to clearly define the criteria for each value and tailor the values for a specific client.

Once the incremental values are defined, then users can select the date and click on the numeric value and the system will graph the client's progress towards the goal.

This feature contained in the Substance Abuse EHR is not only convenient but is important to the management of the case.  It allows the provider (counselor) to take a periodic snapshot and see the client's progress over time.

Shows how the system will graph a goal over time

How much is the Best Addiction Medicine Software on the Market?

Image of the MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse Software

On Special Today! 

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Software is licensed per computer installation

orders greater than 10 licenses qualify for discount

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